Double Bubble Gum: A Classic Treat for All Ages

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Introduction: When it comes to chewing gum, few treats evoke nostalgia quite like Double Bubble gum. This classic confection has been delighting children and adults alike for decades with its iconic pink color, fruity flavor, and ability to blow bubbles. In this article, we will explore the history, ingredients, fun facts, and popularity of Double-Bubble gum.

A Brief History: Double Bubble gum was first introduced in 1928 by the Fleer Candy Company, making it one of the oldest chewing gum brands in existence. It was the first chewing gum to be specifically designed for bubble-blowing. Although bubble gum had been invented earlier, it was often hard and difficult to chew. Double-Bubble revolutionized the market by introducing a softer, more pliable gum that was perfect for creating large bubbles.

Ingredients: The primary ingredients of Double-Bubble gum include sugar, corn syrup, gum base, dextrose, artificial flavoring, and food coloring. It is important to note that Double-Bubble gum contains no actual bubble gum flavoring. Instead, it offers a distinct fruity taste, with the most prominent flavor being cherry.

Fun Facts:

  1. Double Bubble gum got its name from the fact that each piece was individually wrapped in a double layer of wax paper. This helped to maintain the gum’s freshness and prevent sticking.
  2. The original price of Double-Bubble gum was just one penny per piece. It was affordable and quickly became a favorite among children.
  3. The Fleer Candy Company faced a challenge during World War II when their supply of latex, a key ingredient in gum base, was cut off due to the war effort. To overcome this, they created a synthetic gum base using materials such as paraffin wax and became the first company to successfully produce gum without using natural latex.

Popularity: Double Bubble gum gained popularity not only for its great taste but also for its bubble-blowing abilities. Children everywhere loved trying to create the biggest and most impressive bubbles they could. The gum’s popularity skyrocketed in the 1950s when comic strips featuring the character Pud began appearing on the gum wrappers. This marketing strategy made Double Bubble gum a must-have for kids across the United States.

Double Bubble gum remains popular to this day, with its nostalgic charm appealing to both young and old. It is often found in candy stores, supermarkets, and vending machines. Many people fondly remember buying packs of Double Bubble gum from corner stores or receiving it as a treat from teachers or parents.

FAQs About Double-Bubble Gum

Q2: Can I swallow Double Bubble gum?

A2: While it is generally safe to swallow small amounts of gum, it is not recommended to swallow large quantities or chewed gum regularly. The body cannot digest gum like other foods, so it can potentially cause digestive discomfort or blockages if consumed excessively.

Q3: Does Double Bubble gum contain any allergens?

A3: Double Bubble gum contains soy lecithin, which is derived from soybeans. It may also be manufactured in facilities that process other allergens, such as milk, peanuts, tree nuts, and soy. Individuals with specific allergies should check the packaging for allergen information.

Q4: Can Double Bubble gum be frozen?

A4: Yes, you can freeze Double-Bubble gum. Freezing gum can make it harder and less enjoyable to chew, but some people prefer the texture. However, be aware that freezing gum may cause it to lose its flavor more quickly.

Q5: Can Double Bubble gum help freshen breath?

A5: Chewing gum, including Double-Bubble, can temporarily mask bad breath and leave a pleasant scent in the mouth. However, it is not a substitute for proper oral hygiene practices like brushing your teeth, flossing, and using mouthwash.

Q6: How long does the flavor of Double Bubble gum last?

A6: The flavor of Double Bubble gum typically lasts for a short period compared to sugar-free gum. The fruity flavor may fade after 10-15 minutes of chewing, but the gum’s softness and texture can still be enjoyed.

Q7: Is Double Bubble gum suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

A7: Double-Bubble gum may not be suitable for strict vegetarians or vegans as it contains ingredients like gum base, which could be of animal origin. The specific sourcing of the gum base may vary, so it’s advisable to check the packaging or contact the manufacturer for more information.

Q8: Can Double Bubble gum be recycled?

A8: The gum itself cannot be recycled, as it is not a material that can be processed in recycling facilities. However, some companies have implemented recycling programs for the gum’s packaging, such as the paper wrappers.

Q9: Does Double Bubble gum contain any artificial sweeteners?

A9: No, Double-Bubble gum does not contain artificial sweeteners. It is sweetened with sugar and corn syrup, which give it its classic taste.

Q10: Can Double Bubble gum be resealed after opening?

A10: Double-Bubble gum does not come with resealable packaging. Once the individual piece is unwrapped, it is best to consume it or find an alternative method to keep it fresh, such as using a small plastic bag or a gum container.


Double Bubble gum has certainly stood the test of time. From its humble beginnings in the 1920s to its continued popularity today, this classic confection has brought joy to generations. Its unique flavor, soft texture, and bubble-blowing fun have made it a beloved treat for all ages. So the next time you unwrap a piece of Double Bubble gum, take a moment to appreciate the rich history and simple pleasure it offers.

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