Calgary Sun: A Trusted Source of News and Information

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Calgary Sun is a well-known newspaper that has been serving the Calgary community for several decades. With a rich history and a commitment to providing accurate and timely news, the Calgary Sun has become a trusted source of information for residents of Calgary and beyond. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of the Calgary-Sun, including its history, coverage, online presence, editorial approach, and its impact on the community.


In today’s fast-paced world, staying informed about local news and events is crucial. The Calgary-Sun fills this need by delivering news, sports, entertainment, and other relevant information to the residents of Calgary. Whether it’s breaking news, investigative reports, or in-depth features, the Calgary-Sun aims to keep its readers well-informed.

1. What is Calgary Sun?

Calgary Sun: A Trusted Source of News and Information, which is one of the largest newspaper publishers in Canada. The Calgary-Sun focuses on delivering news stories that matter to the residents of Calgary, making it a go-to source for those seeking reliable and up-to-date information.

2. History of Calgary Sun

The Calgary-Sun was first published in 1980 and quickly gained popularity among Calgarians. It was founded with the goal of providing an alternative voice to the existing newspapers in the city. Over the years, the Calgary-Sun has established itself as a prominent player in the media landscape, earning the trust and loyalty of its readers.

3. Coverage and Readership

The Calgary Sun covers a wide range of topics, including local news, politics, business, sports, entertainment, and lifestyle. It employs a team of dedicated journalists and reporters who strive to deliver accurate and balanced reporting. The newspaper’s extensive coverage ensures that readers are well-informed about the events and issues that impact their lives.

The Calgary Sun has a significant readership in Calgary and the surrounding areas. Its engaging content and accessible format make it a preferred choice for many individuals seeking news and information. Whether it’s through the print edition or the online platform, the Calgary-Sun continues to attract a diverse audience.

4. Sections and Content

The Calgary-Sun offers a variety of sections to cater to different interests. These sections include News, Sports, Entertainment, Opinion, Business, and more. Each section provides unique content tailored to the readers’ preferences.

In the News section, readers can find the latest local, national, and international news stories. The Sports section covers a wide range of sports, including hockey, football, basketball, and more. Entertainment enthusiasts can enjoy reviews, interviews, and updates on the local arts and culture scene. The Opinion section provides a platform for diverse voices and perspectives on various issues.

5. Online Presence

Recognizing the growing importance of digital platforms, the Calgary Sun has a strong online presence. Its website offers a user-friendly interface, allowing readers to access articles, videos, and other multimedia content. The online platform also includes interactive features, such as comment sections and social media integration, which encourage reader engagement and discussion.

6. Editorial Approach

The Calgary-Sun follows a balanced editorial approach, striving to present diverse viewpoints on important matters. Its team of experienced editors and journalists ensures that the reporting is fair, accurate, and comprehensive. The newspaper’s commitment to journalistic integrity has contributed to its credibility among readers.

7. Notable Features

One of the notable features of the Calgary-Sun is its focus on local stories and community events. The newspaper actively covers events happening in and around Calgary, giving a voice to the community. Additionally, the Calgary-Sun publishes special features and investigative reports that shed light on important issues and make a difference in the community.

8. Impact and Influence

The Calgary-Sun has had a significant impact on the Calgary community. Its in-depth reporting and investigative journalism have brought attention to critical matters and led to positive change. The newspaper’s coverage of local sports teams and events has fostered a sense of community pride and unity among residents.

9. Competitors

In the competitive media landscape, the Calgary Sun faces competition from other newspapers, both local and national. However, its unique approach to local news and commitment to quality reporting have helped it maintain a loyal readership.

10. Future Prospects

As the media landscape continues to evolve, the Calgary Sun is adapting to the changing needs of its readers. It continues to invest in its digital presence, exploring new ways to deliver news and engage with the audience. With its strong foundation and commitment to journalistic excellence, the Calgary Sun is well-positioned to thrive in the future.


The Calgary-Sun has become an integral part of the Calgary community, providing valuable news and information to its readers. Its commitment to delivering accurate, engaging, and timely content has earned it a loyal following. Whether in print or online, the Calgary Sun remains a trusted source of news for Calgarians. Stay informed with the Calgary Sun and be a part of the vibrant Calgary community.


Is the Calgary Sun available in digital format?

Yes, the Calgary Sun has a user-friendly website that offers digital access to its content. You can easily read articles, watch videos, and engage with the Calgary Sun online.

Can I submit a story idea or news tip to the Calgary Sun?

Absolutely! The Calgary Sun encourages its readers to share their stories and news tips. You can contact the newspaper’s editorial team through their website or email.

Does the Calgary Sun offer subscriptions?

Yes, the Calgary Sun offers both print and digital subscriptions. You can choose the option that suits your preference and stay up-to-date with the latest news and stories.

Can I advertise in the Calgary Sun?

Yes, the Calgary Sun provides advertising opportunities for businesses and individuals. You can reach out to their advertising department to discuss your advertising needs.

How can I provide feedback or comments on articles?

The Calgary Sun values reader feedback and encourages comments on its articles. You can share your thoughts by using the comment section below each article or by engaging with their social media channels.

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